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Our Gift



$1 From Every Order placed is Gifted to Help Women & Children in Need 

While who we donate to will change and be added upon over time, our first cause is a personal devotion and close to our heart.

Infertility affects approximately 7.4 million women nationwide.  That is only 30% of the total infertility cases. (2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth, CDC) Many of us take for granted having a family and raising a child.  For these women, it’s often a silent time of suffering and pain.  In Florida, where we are located, and many other states in the U.S., insurance for infertility issues is not available.  This means that any procedures, surgeries, testing, etc. is an out of pocket expense for these women.  This is just an added stress to what they are already going through, both physically and emotionally. 

While we lobby for better benefits and mandated coverages in our state, we will also be giving back in an attempt to bring those little miracles to the women who wait.